Covid-19 Housing Advice
Housing and Homeless Prevention

Housing / Homelessness – Covid-19

The Housing Options Centre is now closed to the public and moving to a telephone service. Additional capacity has been added to the phonelines to ensure everyone who needs help gets the support they need.

However, they are asking that if you have got somewhere safe to stay, please remain where you are. If you need advice or if you are about to become homeless, please call 0121 675 5779 and support will be available to you by phone.

Over the course of the last few weeks, there has been a rise in domestic abuse cases. The Domestic Abuse Hub commissioned by BCC and run by Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid is now physically closed. However, it has moved to the same model as the Housing Options Centre and continued support is being provided through a telephone service that can be accessed on 0808 800 0028. If you are suffering from domestic abuse please get in touch with the Hub on that number as help and support is available and will remain so.

The Youth Hub run by St Basil’s is still operational on a limited and emergency basis.

This service is for Under 25 with no children – 0300 303 0099

Across the city the capacity and support for rough sleepers and the homeless is under pressure as shelters and other providers are affected by Coronavirus and the need for employees to self-isolate. BCC have been able to secure 200 bed spaces for the most vulnerable to self-isolate. Holiday Inn has stepped forward to provide a proactive solution and will provide a dedicated section of the hotel where some of these individuals can be accommodated safely with no risk to their staff and other guests staying that the property.

Birmingham City Council will be providing food parcels and daily checks to those self-isolating in temporary accommodation and B&Bs. They are also in contact with the schools to see how we can better support families in temporary accommodation at this time.

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough, please tell Street Link.

Trident Reach, has capacity to provide accommodation to any rough sleeper who needs it. Alongside finding bed spaces, we can also arrange transport to get them to the right place. This also applies to those with no recourse to public funding.

SIFA Fireside has now temporarily closed, they continue to provide limited support services to rough sleepers and are working closely with BCC and other organisations like BVSC, who are coordinating our response with volunteers and community groups.

Repairs and Maintenance: If you are a tenant of Birmingham City Council, please note that the repairs and maintenance service is still operational. However, this is now being run on an emergency and urgent repairs basis only. Please report any repair in the same way which you would normally.

For the full Birmingham City Council daily update on the city’s response to COVID-19 please use the link below

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