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Money and Debt advice

The Project offers a free and impartial money and debt advice service. We understand the devastating impact that debt and reduced income can have on individuals and families. As part of our holistic approach to preventing homelessness and improving lives we have a dedicated and experienced money and debt advisor. A qualified member of the Institute of Money Advisors, Catherine provides free, confidential and non-judgemental support and advice to those struggling with money and debt problems.

Many of our service users find their income reduced due to;

  • Benefit cuts
  • High interests on payday loans
  • Low wages
  • Insecure working conditions
  • Multiple priority debts
  • and increased outgoings due to the rising cost of living.

There has been an increase in recent years of clients unable to pay their essential household bills and even facing eviction due to rent arrears as a result of this reduced income.

What we do

At The Project our money and debt advisor works with service users to prevent them from losing their homes and take back control of their finances by agreeing manageable repayment plans, requesting holds on non-priority debts and even writing off debt where possible. The maximisation of income and completion of personal budget sheets enables clients to manage their own money and empowers them to make better financial decisions.

Our service users have reported that the debt and money advice they have received from The Project has made them better off and that having their finances in order has reduced their stress levels and improved their general wellbeing.

Money Advice and Debt Advice / Support

  • Initial Debt Assessment
  • Completion of Personal Budget Sheet
  • Maximise Income
  • Set Spending Priorities
  • Discuss Debt Options
  • Liaise with Creditors to negotiate Repayments
  • Grants for Household Items/Debt Reduction
  • Apply for Free Credit Reference File
  • Complaints Advice and Support
  • Eviction prevention due to arrears
  • Assistance Completing Court Forms

During the period April 2015 to April 2016

  • £35,624 of debt written off
  • 536 incomes checked
  • 260 incomes maximised

Money and debt advice is by appointment only. Please call The Project on 0121 453 0606 to make an appointment. 

Need some help?

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